Hollywood Releases Text Messages Showing Kerry Rhodes Really Loved Him

When Russell “Hollywood” Simpson first hit the scene he was dubbed as a Stunt Queen looking for attention off the back of NFL Free Agent Kerry Rhodes. Kerry, who has said he is not gay and allegedly is to wed this Summer, hasn’t spoken on Hollywood at all in the last few weeks. Today we got our hands on more text messages between Kerry and Hollywood. You can say what you want but after looking at these texts, it looks that Hollywood is more hurt than anything.

When I asked Hollywood about the texts he said “It’s like this, I could not do the whole on the low thing. It’s not who I am and it’s not who he wants to be. I feel like Kerry wants to come out but he cares about what others say. That’s not cool!” It is clear that the two cared for eachother very much. No one, man or woman, likes to be denied. 

Peep the hotel room pictures though. Same hotel room from Hollywood’s reality show teaser.

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