Holocaust Survivor Under Police Protection After Receiving 200 Threats Daily

89-year-old Liliana Segre is a Holocaust survivor who has been receiving hundreds of threats. She has currently been placed under police protection.

According to CBS News, Segre has recently been receiving threats via social media. She currently lives in Italy as a Holocaust survivor. The BBC reports that she was honored as a “life senator” and she asked the parliament to take measures to fight hatred. Contrary to the lack of support from right-wing parties in Italy, the motion was passed.

“I appealed to the conscience of everyone and thought that a commission against hatred as a principle would be accepted by all,” she said during that time, according to Italian newspaper La Repubblica.

After Segre fought to end hate, “Italy established a commission to fight all forms of racism, hatred, or violence towards ethnic and religious groups,”. This is during the time that the threats began. She has reportedly been receiving approximately 200 threats a day.

Some of the threats were deemed so serious that officials in Milan agreed that Segre needed police protection. She now will be accompanied by two law enforcement officers when she goes out into the public.

There has been an investigation opened by the public prosecutor’s office to look further into the hate messages. They have asked Italy’s anti-terror police for assistance.


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