Home Depot Faces Boycott After Founder Proclaims Support For Donald Trump In 2020

Home Depot co-founder Bernie Marcus revealed in a recent interview that he will be donating to Donald Trump’s re-election in 2020, and now many shoppers are threatening to boycott the store.

Marcus, who retired from Home Depot in 2002, has always been a vocal Trump supporter despite not always agreeing with him. “He’s got a businessman’s common sense approach to most things,” Marcus told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution in a recent interview.

“Now, do I agree with every move that he makes? No, I don’t,” Marcus said. “But the truth is he has produced more than anybody else. He has. If we look at this country, I would say that we are better off today than we were eight years ago or six years ago.”

Social media users have been dragging Marcus for his support of Trump and his alleged $7 million donation to the Donald’s presidential campaign in 2016. He’s expected to match that number or more in the next election.

One Twitter user wrote, “Thanks for inspiring me to shop anywhere else for home improvement stuff!” Another tweeted, “I cringe, thinking how I unwittingly helped the #WorstPresidentEver over the past few years.”

The hashtag #BoycottHomeDepot went viral Monday night as Marcus’ interview began to circulate online.

Another Twitter user tweeted, “If you plan on buying a hammer, wood, or ANY home improvement items from Home Depot, you may as well send donations DIRECTLY to trump’s 2020 campaign. No more, @HomeDepot.”

A store representative told MarketWatch that since Marcus retired more than 15 years ago, he “isn’t speaking on behalf of the company.”

“In fact, as a standard practice, the company does not endorse presidential candidates,” the rep said. But social media users weren’t trying to hear that.

Are you taking your business to Lowe’s or nah?


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