Homicide At Milwaukee Burger King Was A “Staged” Robbery That Erupted In Gunfire; Victim Was Allegedly In On The Plan - Baller Alert

Homicide At Milwaukee Burger King Was A “Staged” Robbery That Erupted In Gunfire; Victim Was Allegedly In On The Plan

The man captured on surveillance video reaching in through a drive-thru window at a Burger King restaurant in Milwaukee has been hit with multiple charges including felony murder.

The criminal complaint in the homicide case indicates that the suspect, Antoine Edwards, his daughter, and the victim in Niesha Harris-Brazell, were all in on the plan to stage a robbery at fast food restaurant.

The complaint charges the 41-year-old with felony murder, intentionally contributing to the delinquency of a child, and death is consequence and possession of a firearm by a felon.

Cops responded to reports of a late-night shooting at the Burger King on January 2nd and found 16 year-old Harris-Brazell shot dead near the drive-thru window.

The criminal complaint described how the shooting happened, explaining that Edwards approached the victim at the drive-through window holding a semiautomatic pistol.

The complaint goes on to explain that  Edwards, who pulled up to the window in an Impala, “waves the gun and points in (Harris-Brazell’s) direction, motioning with his free hand and reaching it towards the cash register drawer.” Surveillance video shows “suddenly the Impala driver ducks and pulls himself out of the window, and at the same moment (Harris-Brazell) falls to the floor.”

While the report further indicates that “it does not appear that the Impala driver’s gun ever discharged, since there is no muzzle flash or smoke, no cartridge casing is ejected, and there is no motion consistent with the recoil of a gun,” surveillance video shows that another employee in the restaurant, Derrick Ellis, fired a pistol towards the drive-thru window.

Ellis is being charged with a single charge of possession of a firearm by an outstate felon.

The police investigation led authorities to suspect Edwards “was the driver of the Impala, and that his 16-year-old daughter was working in Burger King at the time of the incident and may have been involved with Edwards in staging a robbery to steal money from Burger King,” the complaint stated.

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