Honestly, Truly, I Don’t Give AF

The art of not giving AF is to truly be conscious of who you are as an individual, where you have been and where you plan to go. Many will claim to give zero f*cks but will be the first to pay attention to what society says. And that my dear friends is where the clusterf*ck begins.
We’ve all been conditioned to live according to guidelines set forth by others. You’re told that elbows don’t belong on the dinner table, systematic education is the one true form of higher learning, white isn’t worn after Labor Day, men are natural whores and that having children out of wedlock is far greater a sin than premarital sex. I can continue to go on and on but what we are conditioned to isn’t as important as breaking that line of thought.

Not giving AF isn’t the emotional tactic many use to be unavailable in relationships and dealings. Truly not giving AF is a part of awakening and self-knowledge. It is the single most crucial element in living a truly happy life. When you don’t give AF, what matters to you and only you takes precedence. Your ideologies mature.
I’ve spent time reflecting and in doing so, I’ve realized that a lot of the turmoil I dealt with was caused by the conditioning of society. How I felt internally versus how I felt because of society caused the greatest conflict in my life. Releasing those parameters and understanding that what matters to Nik is what is the most important, freed me. Free yourself.

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