In Honor of Michael Jackson’s 60th Birthday, Here Are Six of His Most Influential Songs

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Today the world celebrates the 60th Birthday of The King of Pop, Michael Joseph Jackson. The Diamond Year. Even Mark Ronson has released a “Diamonds Are Invincible” remix today in honor of Jackson’s milestone birthday.

But here at Baller Alert, we’re going to remember M.J. by taking a short trip down memory lane and list six of Michael’s most influential songs!

“Heal The World” — This song expressed to the world that we should be more humanly conscious. We should love and respect the needy and the less fortunate just as much as the wealthy and powerful. Let’s not discriminate. Let’s do our part to make the world a peaceful and secure place for everyone.

“Black or White” — What was described as a “rock n’ roll dance song about racial harmony” turned out to be much more than the surface. The song represents an obvious, but nonetheless poignant message about an issue that Michael took personally.

“Thriller” — The National Film Registry titled Thriller as “the most famous music video of all time” This one is self-explanatory. Thriller totally changed music (and music videos) FOREVER!

“They Don’t Really Care About Us” — Can’t say if he was ahead of his time with this one or we really have been dealing with the same racial and social injustice for generations. From police brutality, unfair courts systems, corporate discrimination, “they” still don’t care about us, Mike.

“Earth Song” — Described as “an apocalyptic prophecy that recalled the works of Blake, Yeats, and Eliot”, this song became the most successful environmental anthem ever recorded. It defied almost every expectation of a traditional anthem, displaying a world without hierarchy or propaganda and showing what a world of ecological balance and genuine artistic expression.


“Man In The Mirror” — This song is all about positive change on a personal and international scale. Accountability starts with self!


What Michael Jackson song has inspired you the most?

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