Hot 97's DJ Funk Flex and Bowwow Beef: Who is More Washed?

Hot 97’s Funkmaster Flex and Bow Wow Beef: Play-by-Play

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Hot 97’s DJ Funkmaster Flex and former rapper-turned-actor, Bow Wow, have been going at it for hours over who is considered more washed.


It all started when Flex took to Twitter to express his opinion about the former rap superstar.


“FYI – Bow Wow is f*cking finished out here! FACTS! His records is trash! Basura!,” Flex tweeted, igniting the beef that was soon to come. Not too long after, Bow Wow, real name Shad Moss,  responded via comments left on DJ Akademik’s Instagram page.


“I aint even know he knew how to use the internet. Thats impressive for a 60 yr old angry dj who beats his wife and wears pelle pelle still with phat farm jeans and da da sneakers,” Moss wrote. “Flex you gotta chill. You too old to be twitter thuggn. You gone fuck around and die of a heart attack fucking w me. You too old champ. I don’t know what you and monica got going on at home hahaha but keep that shit in house. And stop shoving her to the ground and keep my name out your mouth aston taylor. Your name is Aston.”


However, Moss did not stop there, he then posted a poll asking if New Yorkers are tired of the DJ. As a result, 63% voted yes while 37% and counting said they didn’t know who he was.


“Yo NIGGAS TIRED OF YOU ASTON,” Moss wrote on Instagram, under a photo of the climbing poll. “You lie about the records you play. You scream more than a bitch delivering a new born. You been wearing the same orange nyc fitted since coogi was hot. You not a dj. You a button presser. Ebro FIRE HIM. Hes the reason the youth don’t fuck w hot. Get him outta here and hire @iamdjjus QUEENS GET THE MONEY! Yall need change. Even skip with to fox sports.”


After that, the rapper let it be known that the only New York DJ he acknowledges, in the 6pm slot, was DJ Clue of  rival station, Power 105.1.


The battle between the two former heavy hitters in Hip Hop continued.

Flex went on a Twitter rant, mentioning Moss, saying “haaaa!!! Truth hurts!! You top5 worst rapper of all time!!! Facts!!”




Once Flex figured out that the “Bounce Wit Me” rapper blocked him on Twitter, he went off for a few more hours.


He fired off several more tweets and even came at the rapper on Instagram and Facebook.



Since then, the uproar has simmered down. Moss has deleted most of the evidence, while Flex continues to RT fans who crowned BowWow as top 5 worst rappers.  



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