How A Former NBA Player Turned $350,000 Into $400 Million

I read this article on and since we always hear about Ballers going broke, I thought it would be great to spotlight a Baller who invested his money wisely. Meet former Milwaukee Bucks player Junior Bridgeman who know owns nearly 300 restaurants (including 162 Wendy’s and 121 Chili’s).

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In 1985 Bridgeman’s peak salary was $350,000 during the time he played for the Clippers.

During the off seasons, Bridgeman started to plan for his future by learning the Wendy’s franchise business.

He spent a lot of his time working at a local Wendy’s to learn the true culture of the company. At the end of his NBA career, Bridgeman owned three Wendy’s, and now he has over 160 locations. He also invested in the Chili’s franchise, owning more than 120 in America today.

Bridgeman is now the second largest Wendy’s franchise owner in the world. His contribution to his family started with his passion for basketball that transformed smart investments to immense wealth. Brickman has been married for 35 years showing his commitment to family and success. All three of his children have MBAs and are contributors to the family business.

His success is measurable and proactively engaging to all that has seen his progressive growth.

He took the hand that was dealt to him and made good choices that resulted in major accomplishments.

Bridgeman’s company is No. 3 on the Restaurant Finance Monitor’s Top 200 franchisee-owned companies, with $507 million in revenue. He’s pictured above with Chauncey Billups, who he partnered with in 2003 to buy 30 Wendy’s restaurants.

 I find it amazing and inspiring that instead of just buying a chain of restaurants, he actually went into a Wendy’s and worked there to learn the ins and outs of the company. Very smart guy!

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