How Do You Know She's Cheating On You?

How Do You Know She’s Cheating On You?

It’s the beginning of Summer and cuffing season is over. Your girl has two options: Cheat on you or dump you. You already know she’s going to cheat. Guys are buying fresh new sneakers that they used their rent money for, they are polishing their grills from 8th grade, and they are getting those hair cuts that have all the sides shaved and the little pony tail on top. Yup, your girl is about to cheat. Don’t be so naive, you already know this time of year was coming, but just in case you think you found ‘the one’ here are some tell tale signs that your girlfriend is indeed cheating on you.

1. If she gives you the  “fine, it’s cool” too often

It’s never a good idea to blow off your girlfriend, especially more than one time in a week, but when she’s actually okay with it is when you should be concerned. She gives you the “fine, its cool” after you told her you’d take her out to dinner, but the homies told you to come over for the game; that’s not normal. Why is she okay with that? Because the guy in her DMs told her he would take her out to lunch on her lunch break. She’s not worried about you boo, she’s thinking about Monday at 12:30 P.M.

2. When she stops using emojis in her iMessage to you

You already know b*tches love emojis. Girlfriends will send you 100 emjoi’s in one message to juice up a message that has two words.

Why does she do all of this? The world will never know. But you KNOW there’s a problem when you end up with a dry text back. No kissy face, no heart, no glitter, no couple or family emoji, no nothing. Did her emoji keyboard break? Nope, she’s just sending them to her back-up bae. This is when you know you lost her. B*tches love emojis.

3. She’s no longer in the mood.

It’s a proven fact (maybe) that women want sex just as much as men do, but what do you do when you offer your girl and she’s “not in the mood” when you know damn well she just got off her period and she usually is begging for it by now? Get suspicious, that’s right. Your girl is not in the mood because she’s daydreaming about what shes going to do to her side piece. That trick you taught her? She’s planning on how to teach him. When you go to the right when she REALLY wants you to go to the left… her side piece already knows. Her side piece… already knows.


When you and your girl first started dating, you used to do everything for her, even things she didn’t need, but you did it anyway because she was bae. You held her door open, you attempted to cook (men can’t cook, you weren’t born with that gene), you bought her clothes and shoes, and now… she has her own money and  she can get her own door. I know you’re thinking what the hell but listen *whispers* she’s cheating on you. She doesn’t need you to hold her door or pay for her anymore because boyfriend #2 is taking that job now. She has no interest in the things you used to do because someone fresh and new is doing it for her. Why deal with the same ol’ same ol’ when super side piece is here with his super strong arms to hold his front door open while she walks in and up to his bed, while you’re waiting at home for a text back. You said you wanted an Independent Woman, Webbie did too.

These are just a few of the things that are oh so obvious when it comes to your girl cheating. I’m not going to say that these are 100% concrete, but its pretty safe your girlfriend isn’t girlfriend anymore.

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