How Far Will Your Friends Go To Protect You If Your Significant Other Suspects That You Are Cheating

Many of us claim to have friends that will do anything for us, including lying to your significant other about your whereabouts. But the real question is, “How Far Will Your Friends Go To Protect You If Your Significant Other Suspects That You Are Cheating?”

I came across a Tik Tok video with couples calling their significant other’s friends to see if they would lie for them if they were unaware of their whereabouts. The two videos shows you two different kind of friends: one that will have your back no matter what and will lie like no other to ensure that you aren’t caught up. Then, you have that other “friend” that is really not your friend and could not wait until you f*cked up, so that they squirm their way up to your significant other.

The Tik Tok videos definitely shows how certain people in your life will protect you or go against you. In the first video, the girl calls her man’s homeboy to see if he has seen her man because he didn’t come home after they had drinks. Instead of claiming that he has not seen the friend, he says the friend is with him. When she asked to speak to her man, he goes as far as saying that he is in the bathroom and can’t hand him the phone.

Now, although it would’ve been f*cked up situation, how many of us have friends like this? Will they lie for you without any type of notice? Is it an unsaid code for friends to know that if the significant other calls, you better lie your ass off?

The second video was the complete opposite. A woman’s significant other called her friend asking about his girl’s whereabouts and how he thinks she may be with another man. The “friend” then suggests that they hookup since his girl is supposedly out cheating.

I know that cheating is not good any relationship but how far would your friends go for you?

friend or foe

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