How Much Are Your Favorite NBA Ballers Making This Season

Here’s the list of the top earning NBA Ballers for the 2012 – 2013 Season. Are you surprised by some of the names and figures this season? As usual, Kobe ranks number one. One more reason why Vanessa isn’t going anywhere! I’ll try to highlight all the un-married/un-engaged guys to help you out!

1) Kobe Bryant – $27.8M

2) Dirk Nowitzki – $20.9M

3) Carmelo Anthony – $20.4M

4) Amare Stoudemire – $19.9M

5) Joe Johnson – $19.8M

6) Dwight Howard – $19.5M

7) Pau Gasol – $19M

8) Chris Paul – $17.8M

9) Lebron James – $17.5M

10) Chris Bosh – $17.5M

I’m kind of surprised to see Lebron so close to the bottom considering his standing as NBA MVP and 2012 Champ. I thought he’d get a bit of a pay bump. I sure didn’t expect for him to make less than Chris Paul or for Carmelo to make so much more than him. I’m sure he makes up for it all in endorsements though.

Before you ask, Dwyane Wade falls at #11 with $17.18M and Deron Williams at #12 with $17.17M.  

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