How Much Would You Pay For Sex?

Ladies, would you ever pay for sex? Men have been paying for sex since the dawn of time. Adam paid for it with a rib and Tyrone paid for it in child support payments. Everyone’s paying for sex, but are the ladies?


Let’s break down how men pay for sex

A Man can pay for sex Directly meaning he gives you money for or after performing the act. Some call this prostitution, others call this prostitution. If a man gives you gifts or favors in the hopes that you’ll sleep with him, this too is considered paying for sex. Then there is men paying for sex Indirectly. If a man compensates you for the gas that you used to get to his house and have sex, is that considered paying for sex? How about when a man takes you on a date with the intentions of sleeping with you afterwords? That’s paying for sex. When a man goes shopping for new clothes, it’s usually not for his homies, it’s for the ladies. When a man goes to the club it’s almost certain he had to pay to get in. That’s paying for sex too. When a guy is buying the bar for a woman, he’s more than likely paying for sex too.


Now let’s switch to women.

Women aren’t known for paying for sex Directly. At least when we do it it’s kept much quieter. I have come across many women who feel that they have to spend money to keep a man. The men in that case have usually been “Ain’t Sh-t” men to begin with. As far as indirectly paying for sex we do burn gas to get to a guy’s house, that’s an investment towards sex. When we go shopping for new clothes, shoes or hair however, we’re not trying to impress the guys, we’re actually trying to impress and often one up the next chick. Women tend to get in clubs free for the majority of the night, so even if we end up getting sex it was for free before 11pm. While at the club drinks are normally bought for us, another win!


So when you weigh men vs women, men pay for sex a lot more than women. I think it’s only fair since once they get the sex we have to put up with a lot more foolishness. In fact, from here on out, men should pay more! 


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