How To Dine Solo Without Looking Desperate

Believe it or not, a lot of women won’t go out unless they have a companion, someone to eat with, shop with or go to the movies. These women would rather be cooped up in the house than to be caught dead at a restaurant eating alone. They don’t want people to think that they’re desperate or friendless. If you are one of these people and you’re tired of staying home alone, here are some tips to help you when you decide to get out of the house.


Bring A Book: You can always use this alone time to catch up on your reading. No one thinks a Ballerific Woman at a cafe with a book is pathetic. .You can also substitute the book for an iPad. That way if reading isn’t your thing you can play a few games, watch a movie or listen to some music while you dine.


Enjoy The Sights: When dining alone and trying to avoid looking “lonely”, a great trick is to utilize patio seating. You’ll be so busy enjoying the sights and the fresh air that before you know it you’ll forget that you’re even eating alone. Oddly, no one ever questions why someone is dining alone on the patio. Often times they’re too busy wondering if they should do the same.


Bring A Pet: A lot of you ladies have pets and this would be a great time to take your dog out on a walk and grab a quick bite to eat. Again, with a pet you’ll be utilizing patio seating but it’s a great way to comfort you if you are indeed feeling “lonely”. 


Avoid Large Meals: When dining alone, this is not the time to eat like you haven’t seen a meal in days. If you are trying to bring attention to yourself, this is definitely the way to do it. Make sure you eat light and avoid coming off like a cow. Plus, the more food you eat, the longer you’ll be at the restaurant….alone.


Don’t Interrupt Others’ Meals: If you feel yourself needing someone to talk to its imperative that you don’t look to other tables for someone to talk to. Understand that people are trying to enjoy their meals and the last thing they want is some cooky stranger to randomly start a conversation with them. If you don’t want to appear like a loser, don’t behave like one. If  you absolutely must carry a conversation while you’re alone make use of your text messages or a very quite phone call.


If You MUST Have Someone, Bring A Tiny Date: When’s the last time you did something with a child in your family? Kids are the greatest little dates and often times that breath of fresh air you need to help you forget about all of your adult problems. Get your nails done, go out to eat and even do a little shopping with your mini-date. No one will think you’re lonely then!


Sit At The Bar: If you know that you’ll be sitting alone, sit where all of the other solo eaters will be seated….the bar! This way you’re amongst others just like yourself, you can enjoy a few drinks and maybe even meet some new friends.

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