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Apparently The Committee To Struggle For Eternity (TCTSFE) has reared their heads again. Wanting a partner that can provide (BALLER) is frowned upon and since it is a great disservice to them to elevate their potential and aim for an equal partner, I’ll dedicate this post to them.  I advise you to read this in its entirety as the good folks of Baller Alert do not want you to look foolish and speak out of term.


Well, first things first, aim low! And by low I mean the bottom of the barrel.  Get that person that doesn’t have ambition or an ounce of drive. Remember you want  “Mr. Right” and according to TCTSFE, he doesn’t come wrapped in a great education and job.  It’s okay!  You just won the role of bread-winner. [Tell them what they won Baller Alert! ] You won long shifts accompanied with the responsibility of supplying the roof over your family’s head and all the cumbersome bills that seem to keep appearing at the 1st of the month.  You’ll be supplying the transportation for your dude to see the next chick in. But that’s not all folks! You’ll fall in love and struggle and as soon as he gets on, he will leave you for the next one and because you file joint taxes, you will accrue the debt he owes to the children he has spread across the United States like Johnny Appleseed. Remember, the goal isn’t to build, but to struggle . You build with individuals of Baller Status (educated, careers, great direction and drive, financially savvy).  You struggle with those with a job and no plan.


Run your mouth. That’s right. Nothing smells of impropriety and struggle like a person that can’t keep their mouth closed.  Wherever there is struggle, there is stress. So stress your budding relationship out by running your mouth to the next. Talk about how you pay all the bills and how his money barely covers the car insurance. Brag on his greatest qualifier- sex. [Wait, that might be a “shortcoming”]. Blab your business to your “friend” so that she can remind you of your bum status the next time you two disagree.  She’ll refresh your memory detailing how you settled and wasted your potential with a guy that cannot spell cat. Vent about all of the additional responsibilities bums bring with them. Besides bums love to be the topic of discussion. It makes them feel like they are the “IT” factor. While men of favorable qualities prefer to be incognito, bums love the attention.  Luxuriate in that bum aura.


Sounds ridiculous right?  Sounds like the Strug Life to me.  There are so many assumed positions in my argument that it disqualifies my sentiments. Just because a woman wants to build with a dude doesn’t necessarily mean she wants a bum. And because a dude is a “bum” right now doesn’t equate to him not having potential later, right? That’s is exactly how ignorant TCTSFE sounds every time the writers of Baller Alert do a post encouraging individuals to date others that have provisional qualities. Because a woman wants a BALLER doesn’t mean she can not provide well for herself . She is looking for an equal partner to build with, not someone to be responsible for. Like minded individuals date other like minded individuals.


-Niko Rose




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