How To Understand The "I'm About To" Man!

How To Understand The “I’m About To” Man!

Nothing ruins the appeal of a man like finding out that he is full of “I’m About To”! Have you ever been with a man who attracted you with his goals and aspirations, only to find out he’s had those same goals for the last eight years and hasn’t taken a single step towards them? This guy can also be referred to as the “Next Summer I’m Finna…” guy, and he is annoying! Every conversation is “I’m about to buy this studio equipment so I can jump my rap career off” or “I’m about to start hitting the gym and working on my hoop game.”

I don’t knock anyone with dreams. I’d like to say I encourage everyone to dream big and go for it, but where exactly do you think you’re going if you’re laid up on my couch eating all of my food for 10 hours a day? Can you explain to me how you’re going to be a business owner when you sleep in until 1 pm every day?

Don’t misunderstand, the “I’m About To” dude does actually believe that one day he’ll be whatever it is he has his heart set on. His intentions are great. The only problems are his lack of motivation and his inability to take responsibility. When the “I’m About To” dude doesn’t meet the desired goal, you can bet your last paycheck that he’ll be blaming it on the economy or the fact that “timing isn’t right.” The “I’m About To” dude doesn’t work and often believes that “if it’s meant to be it will happen” and seldom understands that he needs to make things happen for himself, or they won’t.

The “I’m About To” dude doesn’t find motivation in anything, even if those around him are on a steady climb to success. The “I’m About To” dude usually hangs around those who are doing well because it gives him a false belief that he is on their level. Every crew has an “I’m About To” dude, so female ballers beware!

The “I’m About To” dude lives his life with regrets, but he does so in his head. You’ll never hear an “I’m About To” dude take responsibility for his failure until it’s too late.

The “I’m About To” doesn’t respond well to force. Yelling at him and telling him he ain’t sh-t is only going to make him think that you are not supportive. The “I’m About To” dude requires support, even if it’s difficult. He also needs a mentor and a little guidance. You can’t give up on the “I’m About To” dude, but you definitely can’t count on his dream coming true any time soon. Not all “I’m About To” dudes are lazy either. Quite a few can hold a job, they’re just hopeless dreamers with little sense of direction.

So if you have an “I’m About To” dude in your life, give him a hug and a kiss then tell him if he wants to be a Baller someday he has some work to do….starting NOW! Tomorrow isn’t promised, so stop waiting!

I’m About To Man

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