How To Understand The "I'm About To" Man!

How To Understand The “I’m About To” Man!

Nothing ruins a man’s appeal more than finding out he’s full of empty promises, constantly saying, “I’m about to,” but never taking action.  Have you ever been with a guy who talked about his goals and aspirations but never made progress toward them?  He’s the “Next Summer I’m Finna…” guy, and he’s annoying.  Every conversation revolves around what he’s “about to” do, but he never follows through.

While it’s great to encourage everyone to dream big and go for their goals, it’s essential to take action and make things happen.  It’s frustrating to be with someone who talks about their dreams but does nothing to achieve them.  The “I’m About To” dude lacks motivation and takes no responsibility for his lack of progress.  He blames the economy or bad timing when things don’t work out rather than taking ownership of his failures.

The “I’m About To” dude doesn’t find motivation in anything and often surrounds himself with successful people to feel better about himself.  He lives with regrets in his head and doesn’t take responsibility for his failures until it’s too late.

Yelling at the “I’m About To” dude won’t help him.  Instead, he needs support, guidance, and a mentor to help him achieve his goals.  Not all “I’m About To” dudes are lazy, but they lack direction and often need a little push to get started.

If you have an “I’m About To” dude in your life, give him a hug and a kiss, then encourage him to take action and start working towards his goals today.

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