Hulu Launches New And Improved User Interface For Subscribers

Hulu has launched a new user interface after several customers complained of having difficulty finding new material to watch.

“We listened to feedback from our viewers and heard they loved how easy it was to continue watching the shows and movies they love, but not as easy to discover new content,” the execs wrote in a blog post about the new UI.

Hulu subscribers can expect to be able to maneuver through collections vertically and within collections horizontally. Another change includes the master navigation menu now occupying categories such as Movies, Tv, and Sports. It will give subscribers more flexibility to move throughout Hulu’s library of components with lesser clicks. Along with the updated UI, Hulu will use their subscribers viewing patterns to create a more personalized way to show the collections formulated by the customer.

The newer version of the user interface will attempt to drive more customers to the most recent add-ons by using the tile size of a TV show or movie. As an example, while a viewer is watching a show, the phrase “We Know You Won’t Want To Miss” will appear to direct the viewer to newer content, while “keep watching” will also appear but in a smaller format.

A key reason for the launching of a new user interface was to give customers a seemingly reliable experience across the trio of Disney’s streaming services (Hulu, ESPN, Disney). In a deal with Comcast (2019), Disney acquired full control of Hulu. The deal offered a three-way discount off all of Disney’s streaming products for $12.99 monthly.

According to Variety, the new UI will be ready for Hulu subscribers that own Roku and Apple TV devices on May 20. It will remain available for the next two months. In the summer, a different interface will be launched on more platforms.

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