Hulu Set To Become Streaming Home For FX Shows in 2020

Disney+ is launching in a few days, but in the fourth-quarter earnings call, Disney CEO, Bob Iger, spent a large portion of time talking about another major streaming service the company owns — Hulu.

Hulu is set to become the premiere streaming home for FX titles beginning in March 2020, Iger announced during the call with investors. He wanted to ensure that investors understood that the two companies (Hulu and FX) will work together as a partnership.

As part of the arrangement, four upcoming FX series, including Alex Garland’s (Ex Machina) and a new show, Devs, won’t air on FX at all, but instead will stream exclusively on Hulu. “FX on Hulu,” as it’s being referred to, also means most current and all-new FX series will be available to watch on Hulu immediately following the show’s airing.

“FX will become a key driving factor for Hulu,” Iger promised.

Having movies from Fox Searchlight and FX originals on Hulu is very important to Iger. He told investors that while the streaming landscape is getting extra competitive, people are still drawn to brands they recognize. FX and Fox Searchlight are prestigious names, and will ideally boast Hulu’s identity.

What’s clear from Disney’s most recent earnings call is that despite all the attention Disney+ is getting ahead of its launch, Hulu still matters, and importantly, Disney wants to keep Hulu worthy of consumers’ monthly subscription. It may have felt like Disney forgot about Hulu while prepping for the launch of Disney+’s, but it’s clear from Iger’s comments on the call that that’s far from the case.

Consumers should note that content on the Disney platform will consist of Marvel movies, Star Wars movies, Disney animation, Disney live-action, Disney Channel content, and a host of content procured from the Fox deal. But with that said, it won’t include Deadpool or Family Guy, as the more adult or Rated-R content is staying put on Hulu.

Hulu and FX

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