Hyundai Will Begin Selling Cars On Amazon In 2024
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada - December 11, 2011: Hyundai sign and logo above car dealership lot over building and showroom with clear, blue sky in background. Hyundai Motor Company was founded in 1967 and is known for producing the Hyundai Sonata, the Tuscani/Tiburon, the Sante Fe, the Tuscon, and the flagship Genesis Coupe and Sedan.

Hyundai Will Begin Selling Cars On Amazon In 2024

Hyundai will be the first automobile company to sell cars on Amazon.

On Thursday, the company announced the new move, which will make car buying more convenient than it has ever been. The car marketplace will launch next year, CNBC confirms.  Car shoppers will be able to research different styles of Hyundai’s before making their big purchase. Customers will even be able to choose between several financing options. Once the deal is completed, the Hyundai can be picked up from the dealership. If the car is located at a dealer that isn’t local, it will be delivered to a lot nearest to the customer. Additionally, car buyers will be able to purchase Hyundai parts and other products for their cars via Amazon, which can be sent to their homes.

If you’ve ever purchased a car, then you know the process can be tedious at the car dealership. However, the new initiative is looking to make the overall car-buying process much more streamlined. Under the partnership, Hyundai will add Alexa voice assistant to many of its vehicles in 2025.

Several websites, such as Carvana and Carmax, have sold cars online for years. However, in many cases, buyers must still interact with local dealerships to finalize the purchases. Nevertheless, buying a car online still cuts down on the lengthy process. Now, Amazon is trying its hand at this business model. However, it is still being determined how Amazon and dealers will split the profits from the sale.

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  1. Always do your research before buying any car, but Hyundai has had so many recalls. I’ve had 5 on my car, two are open and active still, and one out of those two I’ve been waiting on the remedy for over two months. Meanwhile, they say the car can catch fire and blow up so not to park it near any structures. None of the dealers have loaners, so if I want a car to get around I have to rent one myself and hope they reimburse me, which isn’t likely since the first recall/issue was about the gas mileage being wrong so they were supposed to give a gas mileage reimbursement gift card and two year ago that program all of the sudden started having problems.

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