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Ian Connor Accuses Travis Scott Of Being An ASAP Rocky Knockoff

There’s beef brewing between Travis Scott & ASAP Rocky’s crew. Last week Ian Connor, an affiliate of ASAP’s crew & a model for Kanye’s Yeezy Season, found out that his former pal, Travis Scott, blocked him on Twitter. The general public may not know why, but considering Connor had to go to Travis’ page to find out, I’m thinking he has a clue.

In fact, Ian Connor wasn’t the only one that had something to say to Travis. ASAP Nast took to his Instagram page to launch a full on attack on Travis Scott, accusing him of stealing the ASAP Mob’s swag. In a series of 7 posts, Nast called out Travis Scott, saying that he needed to get a style of his own and stop jocking theirs, especially when it came to the clothing brand Stone Island. “Travis, we don’t want no beef with you bro. All we’re saying is please stop stealing our swag bro,” ASAP Nast posted. “Find your own bro. That’s all we want. I actually fuck with your music. Your music is fire. I ain’t no hater. I don’t want n—as to think I’m salty. I ain’t salty. I fuck with his music. But his style! That doesn’t belong to him. It’s mine.”

This week Ian Connor redirected the beef back to him, calling out Travis Scott for being a Great Value brand ASAP Rocky. Connor posted a few side by side comparisons of Scott and ASAP that definitely didn’t go unnoticed on social media. 

Back in September, Travis Scott flipped out when a fan mistook him for ASAP Rocky outside of a nightclub. He responded by yelling out, “I’m not motherfucking ASAP, bitch,” while lunging at the unidentified person.  It’s safe to say he isn’t fond of the comparisons.

It’s sad, because back in 2013, Connor and Scott were friends. 

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