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Ice Cube Claims Katt Williams Was ‘100’ on Certain Thing in Viral Interview But Says “Friday After Next” Never Had A Rape Scene [Video]

Ice Cube is adding his two cents to the Katt Williams “Friday After Next” drama.

The “Friday” franchise creator sat down to explain how the famous role of Money Mike came about. The renewed interest surrounding the character was sparked after Williams slammed Rickey Smiley’s claims that he was initially offered the standout role. Williams says not only was he the only person offered the part, but he also wrote much of the material for it. While Cube does agree with a lot of what Williams said, he did clear up a few things, one of which being Smiley’s involvement with the film.

Cube admitted that Smiley did audition for Money Mike, but Williams was the better fit. He also verified Williams’ claims that he wrote much of the role, especially after seeing how well Williams took over the role.

In Williams’ chat on “Club Shay Shay,” he also told Shannon Sharpe that the “Friday After Next” script initially featured a bathroom rape scene between his character and Damon, portrayed by Terry Crews. Williams says he had producers remove this scene, noting that such a serious act could never be viewed comedically. Cube agrees with his stance, though he says there was never such a scene in the movie to begin with.

“I would never shoot a rape scene in a movie, especially like “Friday,” Cube said. “That ain’t my style.”

Cube also thanked Williams for his contributions and for speaking up for him. Williams has remained quiet since his interview, but it’s only a matter of time before he addresses the backlash and praise he has received.

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