DOJ Investigating NBA Anticompetitive Behavior Targeting Ice Cube's Big3 League
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Ice Cube Calls Out NBA All-Star Game For Copying His Big3 League’s No Clock Rule

Ice Cube is calling out the NBA All-Star event after it copied a rule from his Big3 basketball league.

On Sunday, the NBA All-Star game took place and featured a new model format, changing how the game is played. However, one of the rules, which includes removing the running clock, is one of Cube’s guidelines in his professional basketball league Big3

The NBA made an announcement a few weeks back saying the All-Star format would be changed. Every quarter of the game will turn into a mini-game for charity, and in the final quarter, the clock will be removed, and teams will play until one reaches a target score, Revolt reports. The scores were then reset to zero at the start of the second and third quarters, then restored at the beginning of the fourth quarter.

Cube called out the similarity by retweeting one of the NBA’s tweets about how it’s changed the gameplay. “Oh, really? Where should I send my invoice?” Instead of fighting against the clock, Cube’s Big3 no clock rule allowed teams to play until one reaches a winning score.

Cube went on to say he helped the NBA. “The forward-thinking of ⁦@thebig3 is taking our credit for helping the ⁦@NBA make the 4thQ of yesterday’s ASG one to remember,” he posted. “Many will try to pull the Elam Rule out their asses, but we proved in 2017 that no game clock is the future. #nogarbageminutes.”

Michael Rapaport came to Cube’s defense but was shot down by amateur 3 on 3 league, Hoop It Up, who wrote in a tweet that they’ve “been playing without a game clock since 1989 but ok,” they tweeted. Ice Cube responded, “Amateur basketball has been doing it forever, but we’re talking about the professionals, homie…”

Ice Cube and entertainment executive Jeff Kwatinetz founded the Big3 league in 2017. The league will be heading in its fourth season with heavy-hitter NBA players, including #AllenIverson, #RashardLewis, #JoeJohnson, #JasonTerry, #StephenJackson and more.

Ice Cube Talks Big3
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