Ice Cube Talks BIG3, Carmelo Anthony And The Status Of The Next “Friday” Film

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Despite his already legendary career, Ice Cube continues to strive for more and reach new heights with each endeavor. Recently, he sat with Complex to discuss the future of his growing BIG3 basketball league and the highly anticipated ”Friday” film. 

“I think that I would start that we’ve come a long way, but we’ve got a ways to go. That’s pretty much where we are. It’s in a great place, but we can go so much higher. It can get so much bigger. I think… it’s really about keeping the momentum going. It’s all about adding new athletes and trying to get the best talent out there, be a part of it. And to put pressure on the established sports media to give it some light. So we’re doing good, but we’re not patting ourselves on the back yet,” Cube said of his BIG3 league. 

Since its creation, the BIG3 has gained a TV deal with CBS as well as the ability to sell out arenas, but according to Ice Cube, there’s always room for growth.

“It’s unique, half-court, how are they going to pull it off kind of feel. Then the basketball is great. It’s what you’re used to. It’s what you remember. That’s really to me what locks it all in is that it’s just as fun as any NBA game, but the basketball is real, and it’s unique,” he said of the perks of his league. 

On things to improve for the future of BIG3, he stated, “We can do everything better. I think we can have a better… I don’t want to put my staff on blast, but we can do better in the leadership group. We can do better promoting, getting people in the building.”

However, the key to bringing people into the building is high profile athletes such as Carmelo Anthony. 

“It depends on him [Carmelo Anthony]. If he want to ball out at this level, then yeah. But if he think it’s a stigma behind it, you know what I’m saying like, “I’m playing in the BIG3, I’m done.” If he thinks that, then he probably won’t. And it’s not a stigma. BIG3 ain’t the end. It’s the beginning. It’s prolonging. The end is when the NBA said bye. You can have a whole another career in the BIG3 that might even be longer than your NBA career,” he said of the possibility, adding, “And why wouldn’t you want to get down?”

But, BIG3 isn’t the only business he’s working to grow. People have been anticipating the return of the Friday series for years. With 2020 being the 25th anniversary, fans only hope there is a return for more. Nevertheless, Cube dropped off some news for those waiting.

“Yep, still polishing it, getting it right. Once we get it right, we get the green light. Then we can cast it,” he said of the current status. Further explaining hitting the 25-year goal. He said, “It would be nice. It’d be nice to hit that day, but I’m not going to pressure and pigeonhole myself or put myself in a box to try to make a date. But we are going to try to put out in 2020.”

Ice Cube Talks Big3
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