Idaho Father Arrested After Pregnant Wife and 10-Month-Old Son are Found Deceased

Idaho authorities confirmed a baby who was abducted was found dead in the woods on Saturday. The baby’s father was spotted walking naked and delirious nearby shortly before.

Police found the body of 10-month-old Zeke Best after a hunter called to report a man in a sleeping bag on the side of the road, the New York Post reported.

The man — identified as the infant’s father, suspected killer Jeremy Albert Best — was “naked and making odd statements,” the Bonneville County Sheriff’s Office reported.

Law enforcement had been searching for the two since Thursday night when Best, 48, allegedly killed his wife, 38-year-old Kali Jean Randall, inside their home just hours after he underwent a psychological evaluation.

Best was apprehended by police Thursday afternoon for walking through a local store without any clothes. He was taken by ambulance to a hospital, where he underwent testing for medical and mental health concerns.

After being released that day, Best allegedly returned home to kill his wife and kidnap his baby.

Police issued an Amber Alert naming Best as an “armed and very dangerous homicide and kidnapping suspect,” the Teton County Sheriff’s Office added.

Best’s black SUV was found around 9:15 a.m. Saturday, down an embankment in the area where hunters discovered him.

Zeke was pronounced dead at the scene.

After being treated by medics, Best was taken into custody.

Monday, he appeared in court, where he was charged with two counts of murder in first-degree for the deaths of his wife and unborn child.

It remains uncertain whether Best will encounter further charges in connection with the abduction and subsequent passing of his 10-month-old son, Zeke.

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