Iggy Azalea Drama Causes Los Angeles Lakers To Deactivate Nick Young

Iggy Azalea Drama Causes Los Angeles Lakers To Deactivate Nick Young

According to Lakers coach Byron Scott, all this Iggy Azalea drama is doing a number on Nick Young. Things have gotten so bad that the Lakers have been forced to deactivate the star forward.

“It has nothing to do with the chemistry,” Scott said at practice Monday. “It has everything to do with just basketball. Right now, I know what he’s going through, and I know it’s hard on him. But he’s not here with us, mentally, and there’s no need for me to put him out there on the floor.”

Nick Young was placed on the Lakers inactive list before Sunday’s 107-100 loss to the Celtics. Metta World Peace will be taking his place on the court. “I was thinking about that for the game last night — who to put on the IR — and my first thought was Metta [World Peace]. But then I said, ‘I can use Metta,'” Scott said. “It was strictly a basketball decision. It’s all based on because I know how [Young]’s feeling right now. He’s not really here with us.”

Although Young has been doing his part by participating in practice, it’s unsure weather or not Coach Scott will remove him from the inactive list before the season is over.  “I don’t know yet,” Scott said. “Things can change.”

In the mean time, things can’t be all bad in Nick’s personal life. Iggy is still wearing the yellow diamond engagement ring he bought her. Maybe they’ll work things out.



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