IHOP Rolls Out New Pancake-Inspired Coffee Line

IHOP Rolls Out New Pancake-Inspired Coffee Line

Pancakes and coffee go together so well that IHOP has now created its own line of brews that combine the two.

After being around for 65 years, IHOP knows the importance of a cup of coffee to go along with a fluffy short stack. That is why they’ve chosen to debut their new premium coffee that helps customers experience its famed breakfast offerings without eating the flat cakes. Made with 100% premium arabica beans, there are three flavors to choose from in this inaugural coffee line. 

First up is the Signature Blend. This is a standard medium roast for those who aren’t exactly fond of pancakes. The Buttery Syrup flavor offers a smooth and sweet blend as a backdrop to the strong coffee. Imagine dunking IHOP’s Original Buttermilk Pancakes in your cup while dining at the popular restaurant. That is essentially what the Buttery Syrup flavor offers. Lastly, IHOP takes its Chocolate Chip Pancake and packs its savory flavor into the ground-up beans. Envision a typical mocha-flavored coffee with a hint of morning goodness. The brand’s chief marketing officer, Kieran Donahue, said since the company sells over 56 million cups of brew each year, the choice to do the line was a no-brainer.

For customers who want to have the smell of IHOP’s coffee fill their homes even when they aren’t making a cup, IHOP has also introduced the Coffee Mug Diffuser. The rechargeable aromatherapy gadget will carry the aroma of the Buttery Syrup flavor throughout the air. 

IHOP coffee is available now in K-Cups and bags of grounds. So far, Amazon and Kroger have this new coffee in stock. More retailers are expected to add it to their shelves soon. 

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