I’m In Love With A Stripper (Part 1)

I decided that March will be stripper appreciation month and I’m going to do small blogs here and there about strippers. This first blog starts the “I’m In Love With a Stripper” series. Today I’ll be interviewing 4 individuals about their love for strippers and where it stems from. 


Meet the interviewees:


Block – a young rapper from Dallas with a love for beautiful bare naked ladies. “I hate ugly strippers. If i wouldn’t want to see you with your clothes on, why would i want to see you with them off” he says.

Sal – Disturbing The Peace Records affiliate and young music mogul. You better believe if he’s in the strip club, he’s trying to get some work done.

Kiesa – Model and socialite with a passion for fashion. You can catch her jet-setting across the country, but she doesn’t hide her fondness for strippers.

Chris – Photographer that has shot some of your favorite models. He’s everywhere from Texas to LA and even Miami, wonder where his favorite strip club is? We’ll find out!


First of all, Thank you guys for taking the time to do this quick interview about strippers with us. Let’s begin, how many times would you say you frequent strip clubs a month?

Chris – I’ve cut back to about 4 times a month, it had been a lot more. In college i did my homework at the shake joint for almost a month straight.

Kiesa – We usually only go on thursdays for amatuer nights to see the contest. Lol


What’s your reasoning for going to strip clubs?

Block – alcohol,food,girls,music… That order!

Sal – Working..getting records played, but checking out the Girls and the Music.

Chris – an escape from reality entertainment with friends and of course girls


Around how much money do you spend on strippers a night?

Sal – maybe $70-$100


What determines how much money you’ll spend?

Kiesa – How much we spend depends on her looks,attitude,skills and intelligence

Block – How a stripper look, if she really working for the money and how drunk i am.i just get caught in the moment sometimes. If you’re a dude at a strip club just looking…EXIT, tip something. Would you want to work for free? Why should they #StrippersRightsAct


Could you see yourself dating or marrying a stripper?

Sal – Never..i tried it and it never works out.

Kiesa – No, i’m not into women and i asked my man and he said he couldn’t either considering what she’d do for money…there’s no telling what she would do.

Chris – i’ve dated ex strippers but none who currently stripped, Its just a job. If she is loyal it doesn’t matter

Block – i just told my CEO Dorrough this past Monday at DGs (Dallas Gentlemen’s Club) im going to marry a stripper,i dont see a problem with it.


What is it that you love about strippers?

Sal – The way they dance, and just the interaction. I just love women period so the strip club is a great place to interact with them. Stripper Shoes..thongs…perfume..cant get enough

Kiesa – Their hustle.

Chris – They are comfortable with themselves they do what they want, i know lots of girls who are at home strippers and secret hoes but would die if anyone knew, strippers are comfortable being out there doing what they do and getting money.


Do you think you have a “problem” and need strip club anonymous?

Block – If liking strip clubs is wrong i dont want to be right!


So it looks like a majority of people like strip clubs for the same reasons, the music and the interaction with the ladies. Nothing wrong with that right? If you were dating any of these men (or lady) that we interviewed, how would you feel about them spending so much time at the nudie bar?

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