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Interview With A STripper

I personally love the strip clubs. I love the energy – watching the men go crazy – watching the girls work the pole – picking up money off the floor – the food -and it’s a great way to meet guys. Seems like the world is in love with the art of stripping by the increase of pole sales and pole dancing classes.

Baller Alert talked with adult entertainer Dolce about the sport

Check out the interview:

What made you decide to go into adult entertainment?

I didn’t really decide to go into adult entertainment. Ever hear the expression, “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade?” Well its true for my story, as well. Things happened in my life that forced me to step off the track of focusing on school and going out and supporting myself at age 18. I was waitressing and decided to try the dancing, and I happened to be really good at it!! I just re-entered college this past semester and thankfully, dancing pays for it.

What is the biggest tip you have received from one person?

Money wise – $5000 but I did recieve a Mercedes Benz? Wait, is that a tip or a gift?? It’d fall under both, I’d say.

Tell us about your special tricks.

So I can’t say the “lighting my pussy on fire” was 100% my idea but the way I do it is original. I dance to a certain song that plays which is Lil Wayne’s “Playing With Fire” ..on the big nights, we usually bring up somebody who’s celebrating their birthday that night, and ya know all the lights are turned off. We make it more like a feature more than just..”hey, there she is on the pole and oh shit, did she just set her pussy on fire”. We hype it up! But isn’t that what adult entertainments all about? Anyways, it is kind of an illusion, though. When I say “oh I can light my pussy on fire” Right away..people think she is pouring alcohol on her.” I’m crazy, but not that crazy!!! It’s actually done with a book of matches and I just kid of rest it inside the entire book. And as the entire book burns, it makes a little fire work effect. I’ve been criticized for this trick by other dancers that, well HATE! But ya know what? I’m the only person who’s made that trick known throughout strip clubs across the U.S. Now the squashing of the bottle, that is nothing but good ole ass muscles!! This trick I have to give full credit to Tiana over at Tootsie’s. She has the “master ass” Again, all these tricks people do or people claim are just a spin off of a trick they’ve seen before. They ust have to make it their own..

How long have you been doing this? How long did you think you will be in this business?

I came into it when I was 18. But I was real low key and I was kind of ashamed of it. I danced in Hialeah at a smaller club for over a year till I blew out my knee messing around at work trying new tricks. Luckily, I had means of support and I was able to take over six months off with no worries or money obligations. Then, when I returned my club Hialeah was doing really bad. I started dancing at Diamonds and then headed to King of Diamonds in January 2009. So, 2 and an half years but nobody really knew who “Dolce was until I came to King of Diamonds.

Do you have groupies? Tell us your craziest groupie story.

Groupies? I don’t think I have groupies. But I have had guys that have fallen under the category of obsessive. I’ve filed restraining orders on men that wait for me by my car after work. The thing these men tend to forget is we really have lives outside of the club. That’s why we go by fake names. WE sell fantasies. We work to make sure you walk out those doors like “damn, those bitches were bad. I’ll be here in two weeks with 10 of my friends spending my next check.” That’s what we do. We aren’t there to find husbands, boyfriends, or any of the such. Money makes us cum! If you ask any stripper if she’d rather have good dick or 2000 dollars, 10 times outta 10, she picks the money. BEcause dick don’t pay the bills and were in a recession! We have financial obligations! The last thing we have on our mind is giving you our number in hopes to get a relationship. Only reason we do give you our numbers is to lure your ass back in the club. Sorry..but its the god honest truth.

Oohh..ya know what? I did have a groupie moment. On South Beach with my family. My mom knows I dance, my siblings are young so they don’t need to know. We were walking and these four spanish girls were in their car screaming “That’s Dolce…Oh My God! That’s the crazy bitch who lights her pussy on fire..I love that bitch” I’m like, looking around like “pussy fire? Where is she? Who? What?” LOL..I played dumb..I guess that is my only groupie moment.

What is your favorite strip club?


How often do you travel to perform?

Since I’m in school now, not too much. But summer is when I run off. Right now, I’m in Las Vegas.

If you were not in this business what would you be doing?

Something else that makes me a lot of money!! Haha, no well, I wanna be a sports broadcaster..that’s what I will be doing after this. Until then, I’m having fun 🙂


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