What I’m Not Going To Do Is Beg Or Chase Your Dumb Ass

People love to use the word “want” and “love” loosely. It’s trendy just like that “sis” and “sissy” sh*t females  say  just because others are saying it.

What does it mean to “want” someone or to “love” them? Very few really know because they are too busy “trending” and not sincerely understanding what those words entail.

We start off really into someone and doing everything within our powers to meet them half-way and then once we realize we “have” them, we get on some bullsh*t. It becomes a battle if no one tells you, I’m going to tell you. The way my bronchitis and pride is set up, I can’t chase nor beg your dumb ass.

A dude will say “I love you”, but Chantel got access. “You’re more than enough”, but your on social media for hours. “I want you”, but your eyes wandering. A woman should never have to request or ask for time to be with her dude nor should we compete with any broad (phone included) for your attention.

That sh*t is beyond annoying and disrespectful. If you have to continually ask for or repeatedly complain about the same thing, you need to remove yourself and do what you were trying to do with him with the next man that gets it.

It’s not rocket science. When you truly “want” someone or “love ” them, you value and respect them. You meet them half-way or at least try. You don’t dangle them on a string nor do you continually repeat the same negative behavior that pushes them away.

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