In New Interview Donald Trump Says He Never Told Former Fixer Michael Cohen “To Do Anything Wrong”

Donald Trump sat down for an interview with Fox News and claimed he never told his former lawyer and fixer to do anything wrong.

Trump has finally broken his silence following Michael Cohen’s sentencing to three years in prison for tax fraud, campaign finance violations and lying to special counsel #RobertMueller. In Thursday’s interview, Trump said he never told his fixer to do anything wrong, and called Cohen’s allegations an attempt to “embarrass” him.

“I never directed him to do anything wrong. Whatever he did he did on his own. He’s a lawyer. A lawyer who represents a client is supposed to do the right thing. That’s why you pay them a lot of money,” Trump added. Before being convicted, Cohen served as Trump’s lawyer for several years and later turned against the Celebrity-in-Chief. Cohen was sentenced on Wednesday for various crimes including campaign-finance violations — pertaining to hush-money payments during the 2016 campaign between two women who claimed they were romantically involved with Trump. Cohen claims he felt it was his responsibility to cover up Trump’s “dirty deeds.”

Trump says this was all a plot to “embarrass” him so Cohen could get less prison time. “They put that on there to embarrass me,” he said, adding, “What happened was, either Cohen or the prosecutors in order to embarrass me, said, ‘Listen, I’m making this deal for reduced time and everything else — do me a favor, put these two charges on.’ “”It’s a terrible system.”

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