Indiana Man Faces Murder Charge For Poisoning Roommate With Windshield Wiper Fluid

Indiana Man Faces Murder Charge For Poisoning Roommate With Windshield Wiper Fluid

An Indiana man reportedly killed his roommate by adding windshield wiper fluid to her drinks. The woman was not supportive of his excessive drinking, according to authorities. 

Thomas Holifield, 59, was charged with murder after his roommate passed away on June 1. He allegedly called the police and confessed to the crime just one day before Pamela Keltz, 64, died. 

Holifield and Keltz previously dated according to court records obtained and reviewed by The Northwest Indiana Times. He had recently been renting a room from her in Michigan City when he began to feel disrespected by Keltz.

“He began by putting eye drops into her cup of pop,” the complaint shows. “Thomas noted that the eye drops were not causing severe enough illness. Pamela would have hallucinations and diarrhea but then recover.”

When it became apparent that the eye drops would not poison Keltz, he began adding windshield washer fluid to her soda. He admitted to Michigan City police that his goal was to kill her. 

A search warrant executed on Keltz’s home turned up an almost-empty gallon jug on windshield wiper fluid, a funnel, and the Taco Bell cup that Keltz allegedly drank soda out of. A light bluish liquid was found inside the cup.

Doctors attempted to treat Keltz, who was hospitalized in the ICU, upon learning of the methanol poisoning. However, Keltz’s condition did not improve, and she was declared brain dead. Her family opted to remove her from life support on June 1. 

Holifield pleaded not guilty to the murder charges. In October, a judge ordered him to be evaluated by a mental health professional to determine whether or not he is fit to stand trial. He is due back in court on January 20.  

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