Inexpensive Getaways For You and Your Significant Other

Relationships can be difficult if you don’t make time for one another. Often times, we get so consumed with work, kids, and just life itself. 

Although we are busy from time to time, a getaway is usually what a couple needs. The getaway will give you both the opportunity to love and appreciate one another without any interruptions. I know many of us can’t place our phones on “Do Not Disturb” due to having kids, but try to relax, enjoy the conversations, and the getaway without being on the phone. 

Going to the Mountains can be a fun and inexpensive getaway for the weekend. Bring your own breakfast items to cook in the mornings, grab you a cup of coffee, and enjoy the scenery. This vacation is more of a relaxing getaway, so enjoy every moment with your significant other. 

A cruise can also be inexpensive, if you plan during the off season. Everything you need is right there from the food, entertainment, and of course the drinks. Enjoy each other and mingle with other couples. Also, the kids can’t call to interrupt when you’re underway. 

Another inexpensive getaway, is a staycation. After work, pack your bags and head to the hotel you’ve been dying to stay at. A staycation gives you the opportunity to stay close in proximity but still be able to visit your favorite restaurants and hit up some different spots of choice. Maybe go dancing, go to a movie, couple’s massage, or just enjoy a  great weekend with the one you love. 

The purpose of the getaway is to enjoy your significant other’s company without the normal distractions. The getaway doesn’t have to be expensive just thoughtful. As long as the two of you are enjoying one another, your job is done. 

What are some inexpensive getaways would you suggest to couples?

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