Marketing Powerhouse Ingrid Best Launches Namesake Brand IBest Wines

Marketing Powerhouse Ingrid Best Launches Namesake Brand IBest Wines

Ingrid Best is no stranger to the world of wine & spirits, with a career that spans two decades and includes leading joint venture spirits partnerships for iconic figures like Jay-Z and Diddy. But now, she’s embarking on a new journey as the driving force behind IBest Wines, a brand that’s sparking conversations on wine, culture, art, and ownership.

IBest Wines, Best’s namesake brand, made its market debut on October 10, unveiling two unique wine blends that spotlight the incredible variety of wines from South Africa‘s underrepresented Stellenbosch region. Although this region boasts winemaking excellence, it often flies under the radar. IBest Wines is on a mission to change that narrative and put this vibrant, diverse wine-producing region firmly on the map.


What truly sets IBest Wines apart is its unwavering commitment to diversity and equity. The entire IBest Wines team, including their in-house sommelier, is composed of Black women, each of whom holds equity in the company. Notably, the brand’s initial investors were also Black women, symbolizing its dedication to elevating underrepresented voices in the industry. Additionally, one of the brand’s South African winemaker partners is a Black woman, demonstrating a deep commitment to diversity in leadership and production.

IBest Wines’ mission is multifaceted. First and foremost, it’s about educating consumers on the exceptional wines emerging from South Africa, dispelling preconceptions, and shining a light on the region’s outstanding offerings. Furthermore, IBest Wines is dedicated to spotlighting global artists and creatives who enrich culture and contribute to its vibrant tapestry. The brand is also passionate about encouraging art collecting as a means of building generational wealth, with a particular emphasis on motivating Black and Brown individuals to embark on this empowering journey. Lastly, a fundamental aspect of the mission is the active promotion of diversity and inclusion within the wine and spirits industry, with a commitment to fostering diverse ownership and representation in a traditionally exclusive field.

Currently, IBest Wines is available for pre-sale on ReserveBar, a premier online wine and spirits retailer, as part of their Spirited Change initiative. In just a week, you can also find these exciting wines on

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