Instagram’s Trusted Partner Hyp3r Has Been Secretly Keeping a Close Eye On IG Users

– Written by @saywooord

It might be possible that one of Instagram’s trusted partners has been tracking your physical location and saving your stories. 

Hyp3r, a startup company from San Francisco, has reportedly been pulling data from the app and website from its users. According to Business Insider, the app has geo-fenced thousands of locations and has been saving stories and storing the information of the users who post at those spots. 

Due to the specifics, not everyone’s information has been stolen, and, if your account is private, there should be no need to worry. 

Apparently, Instagram had no idea Hyp3r had been storing its users’ information, as this is a violation of there regulations. It is said this has been going on for nearly a year until Business Insider informed the app of the company. 

However, Hyp3r denied all wrongdoings, stating all information was publically and legitimately accessed. Since the news broke, Instagram has cut ties with Hyp3r and issued a cease and desist on the startup. 

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