Intimacy is Essential to a Healthy Relationship with Your Baller

Intimacy is a componant essential to a healthy relationship yet many people are lacking intimacy in their relationships while having plenty of sex. Many people associate intimacy with only sex, but it is much more than that. It includes all the different dimensions of our lives — yes, the physical, but also the social, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects as well. Intimacy really means total life sharing. And haven’t we all had the desire at one time or another for closeness, for oneness, for sharing our life with someone totally?
Many people have no idea how to define true intimacy

Intimacy with another person is the:
* Unmasking of yourself in order to make yourself vulnerable in a trusting, loving, secure relationship.
* Sense that you have a special, unique and distinct bond joining you and another person.
* Sense of closeness, proximity and being “in tight.”
* Sense of oneness, unity and uniqueness.
* Sense of being exposed, undefended and fragile.
* Sharing of tenderness, caring and affection.
* Sharing of secrets, hidden tales and private thoughts.
* Free will offering and receiving of each others’ generosity, giving and sharing.
* Sense of being in a non-punitive, non-abusive and non-coercive environment.
* Mutual respect, recognition and approval of each other’s need to be a sexual being (this shared sexuality ultimately results in loving sexual intercourse).

Intimacy requires vulnerability from both parties many times and as women sometimes we have to lead by example. Many of us have been hurt in our pasts and have experiences that block intimacy in our relationships.
Don’t let past experiences get in the way of experiencing true itnimacy.
To be open and ready for intimacy you must allow another person to learn…

What excites you?
What moves you?
What drives you?
What inspires you?
What your goals in life are
What scares you?
What upsets you?
The dreams and passions of your heart and mind

Intimacy requires that you take off your public mask and just like the onion, you peel off and reveal layer upon layer of your true self. There is no greater gift than revealing everything that shapes and directs your life that you can give to a person who accepts it joyfully. When you allow another person into your mind, body, soul, and heart you have done all what intimacy requires. Now it is important to understand that not all relationships are worth or deserve such complete intimacy, however your primary relationship should be worth the effort to achieve mutual romantic intimacy if you desire long-term romance.


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