Investigation Launched After Teen Is Choked And Beaten By Deputy In Custody

Video footage shows a Florida corrections deputy choking and hitting a Black teen inside a juvenile center.

Terrance Devon Reed III, 17, was previously arrested and charged with contempt of court, probation violations, and cocaine possession. During a police lineup last week, TMZ reports that the teen became uncooperative, which led to Sarasota County Deputy Neil Pizzo escalating the situation by brutally manhandling Reed. In the video, you can see Reed sitting on a bench with his arms tucked inside his shirt; Pizzo then storms toward him.

Reed can be seen standing up as Pizzo runs up on him, and the deputy immediately lunges at Reed and grabs his throat. Reed then struggles before Pizzo forcibly throws him to the ground. Reed never attempts to fight the officer back. Eventually, another deputy comes into the altercation and tries to wrangle Reed’s feet; Pizzo then starts punching Reed in the back of the head several times. The officers then handcuff Reed and bring him to his feet. The teen ended up suffering abrasions to his head and was immediately taken to the hospital following the attack.

Sheriff Tom Knight says he was disappointed when he saw the violence and Pizzo’s decision to beat the teen. Reed was placed on administrative leave while the department launched an investigation, TMZ reports.

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