iPhone’s New Update iOS 14.5 Will Allow User To Unlock Phone While Wearing A Mask

iPhone’s new update iOS 14.5, will allow users to unlock their phones while wearing a mask.

According to Hypebeast, the first iOS 14.5 developer beta will feature an update that allows users to unlock their iPhones with Face ID regardless if they are wearing a mask or not.

The new feature will work alongside an unlocked wrist device. The iPhone will unlock the lower facial recognition accuracy Face ID with a haptic buzz to the enabled Apple Watch, the outlet reports. On top of the lower facial recognition, an authenticated Apple Watch can also lock an iPhone remotely.

Users will be able to unlock the feature by going to Settings, then Face ID, and then Passcode.

If an Apple consumer does not have an Apple Watch, they will have to continue to unblock their iPhone as they usually would with a passcode or use the faster passcode input that was introduced last year. Hypebeast reports that Apple is also working on optical in-display fingerprint sensors that would become a part of future designs for the next line of phones.

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