Woman Loses $800,000 Disability Case After Being Seen In A Tree Throwing Contest

Woman Loses $800,000 Disability Case After Being Seen In A Tree Throwing Contest

An Ireland wife has forfeited her $800,000 disability lawsuit after photographs surfaced of her participating in a tree-throwing competition. 

Kamila Grabska went viral after photos of her participating in the Christmas tree-throwing contest surfaced. However, Grabska should have skipped this contest, considering that she was embroiled in a lawsuit where she claimed to be permanently injured. Grabska sued RSA Insurance following a 2017 rear-end car accident. The 36-year-old woman reported that severe neck and back pain stemming from the crash prevented her from working since it occurred. She also said in her suit that the wreck prevented her from holding her young children or regular household chores in her home. 

Grabska had been receiving regular disability payments since the crash. However, she was able to participate in the January 8th, 2018, competition despite the severe injuries she was supposedly suffering from. The contest involves participants tossing 5-foot spruce trees. It’s unclear how or why the photos were uncovered recently, but the Irish High Court was not pleased when they viewed them. Judge Carmel Stewart referred to the images as “very graphic.” The court swiftly dismissed her claim. 

Grabska maintained that she was indeed hurt and was only trying to live an everyday life, though, in the end, she was left without her primary source of income. Instead, Grabska is now the butt of many social media jokes, which she rightfully earned. 




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