Is 21 Savage’s Verse on Jhené Aiko’s “Triggered” Remix About Amber Rose?

Rapper 21Savage hopped on the freestyle remix to Jhene Aiko’s song “Triggered,” and Twitter, like usual, didn’t know how to act.

The Atlanta native gave fans all the feels on the track, which led many to believe he’s expressing his triggered feelings about ex-boo #AmberRose. “I went against the world when they shamed you,” 21 rapped. “I would’ve gone to war if it pertains to you.” The line had listeners thinking 21 was referring to the time he attended Rose’s Slut Walk. The internet teased the rapper for supporting Rose’s social movement.


He also said, “I was triggered when I seen you with that scrub, on God/He can’t handle you, you know you need a thug, on God/They say never wife a woman that you meet inside a club/But I slept with half the club, baby who am I to judge?”  

Whether he is talking about Rose or just giving a great verse, Twitter made time to talk about it. The new track also features songstress #SummerWalker.

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