Is It True Maliah Michel Was An Escort?

I spotted this over at Hollywood Street King and this person is spilling some serious tea on Drake’s ex and Sean Kingston’s next. Here’s an excerpt:


“Maliah started off in the game with a pimp and he collected all her trap. The first strip club Maliah worked at was the Palomino in Las Vegas. Maliah’s pimp at the time had just gotten out of jail and she was supporting him. He had her working at the Palomino from 1PM to 3AM, seven days a week.


Maliah’s pimp showed her how to sell that p*ssy and she had good clients. Jacky, don’t believe me? Ask Jermaine O’Neal.


The main hip hip dudes and NBA players all smashed Maliah, but if you ain’t the business in bed she’ll snitch.


Maliah charges to smash and if her trick wishes for her to spent the weekend and to be seen with her it can be very expensive. Don’t believe me? Ask Vince Young….”



Read the rest over at HSK

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