Is Ray J One Of The Most Underrated Celebrities Of Our Time?

Whether you know it or not, some of your favorite parts of the culture have some to do with Ray J. So we have to ask, after everything that’s gone down over the span of his career, is he the most underrated celeb?

As of recently, Suge Knight signed over Death Row Records to the singer and entrepreneur. He birthed the Kardashians with the infamous sex tape, revitalized The Breakfast Club with his hilarious beef with rapper Fabolous, and is the little brother to R&B favorite, Brandy.

To this day, Twitter users find the smallest reasons to mention his legendary acts. For example, threatening to watch the sex tape with Kanye’s now-wife, Kim Kardashian due to Ye’s late release of Jesus Is King. Not to mention, the number of people urging others to play his hit single, “I Hit It First” in efforts to force the rapper to release his latest gospel album.

His track record truly proves him to be a force in the industry, yet so many people downplay his actions. But despite what the world says, Ray J continues to make moves in silence and growing his repertoire by the day.

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