Is There a Double Standard Among Women?

From Lair Haven:
It appears that women grant men more forgiveness when it comes to capitalism.  A man that reaches for the stars, defeats detractors, aims high and can’t be detoured into failure is deemed as “relentless” and “unstoppable.”  People will admire him, women will be available to him and if he captures the hearts and bodies of such women, he’s a “man’s man” or even a player. 

Ironically, if women are “relentless” and “unstoppable” as they strut toward their goals and weave through the land of capitalism, they will not only face the double standards imposed by men- but other women as well.  Successful female go-getters that have positioned themselves as sex symbols face such scrutiny.  The hypocritical double standard pushed by men is well documented, no need to review it.  But what’s not discussed often enough are “uncommitted hos” versus “Committed hos.”  What I mean is, a woman will dress provocatively, roam in influential circles where rich men shop, play and court attention.  Yet even though this woman is dressed like a groupie, stripper, erotic dancer, escort or female hustler- she does not want to be seen as a “gold digger” or ho. 

Sure appearances do not expose a woman’s entire package, but if a woman wore risque nightclub attire to a funeral or children’s school play she’d look out of place, right?  Even if such a woman stood up and proclaimed, “Just because I’m dressed like this doesn’t mean that I’m a ho.  I have the freedom to wear whatever I like.”  Technically, she’d be correct.  Socially, she’d be seen as “inappropriate” and “tacky.”

So why do uncommitted hos, a.k.a. “ladies” try to enter the same circles as video groupies, strippers and exotic dancers, escorts and gold diggers dressed exactly alike and vying for the same rich and powerful men- yet don’t want their behavior to be viewed as “whoring?”

Humor me for a moment.  If I walked up to a duck standing with other ducks, and then said, “What a cute duck.”  But then one of the ducks barks like a dog, aside from possibly needing therapy, I’d be surprised that a duck barked like a dog.  It would make me wonder, “Why does a dog appear as a duck?  Why not appear  as a dog?”

So why do ladies dress like the hos they despise, roam in circles where so-called hos play then call effective, profitable hos “disgraceful women” that “will lose in the long run”?

Are “regular women” in denial about their own motives?  Are “regular women” using ho-like appearances to get their foot in the door with rich men- bait and switch?  Are regular women hoping they will somehow upstage legitimate hos with their morals?

I’m of the opinion that one should not enter to play a game without first knowing the rules, practicing and accepting the game itself.  Furthermore, if a duck looks like a duck in real life- it probably is or at least has a little bit of duck in it.  Poor Ho, Rich Ho…the reluctant truth has arrived HERE.

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