Is Your Vagina Depressed?

Is Your Vagina Depressed?

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We all go through “dry spells” at one point or another, who would have thought that not getting enough sex could lead your vagina  to depression. According to a London based sex therapist women who don’t have a sexual relationship with a partner or themselves can experience vaginal atrophy.  The clinical term is called vulvodynia and it can affect women of all ages. According to The Sun, research shows more than one in four women will experience vulvodynia at some point in their lives in the U.S. Here are some of the symptoms :

First and foremost, if you’re suffering vulvodynia, you will notice a persistent pain down there, around your vagina.

The skin surrounding it, your vulva, will appear normal – unlike with some STIs where there are visible signs, such as lumps or sores.

The NHS notes the pain can be:

a burning, stinging or sore sensation
triggered by touch, such as during sex or when you’re putting a tampon in
constantly there, in the background
worse when sitting down
limited to a part of the vulva, the opening of the vagina, for example
more widespread, affecting the buttocks and inner thighs

Depending on how severe the condition is, you may experience a variety of symptoms, including:

Burning sensation, particularly when you pee
Urgency to pee
Urinary tract infections
Light bleeding after sex
Discomfort during sex
Dryness during sex
A shortening or tightening of the vagina

If you find yourself experiencing any of these symptom,s it’s recommended that you see your gynecologist as there are many different treatment options available. It’s important to take care of yours sexual health as well as your physical and mental. To avoid suffering from a depressed vajayjay  get into pleasing yourself if you don’t have a partner. Prevention is key and it starts with loving yourself,

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