Issa Rae Opens Up About The Success of ‘Insecure’: ’I Do Long For The Days of Season 1’

Since the show “Insecure” has debuted, much success and light has come to Issa Rae’s life.

Although success is substantial, Rae wishes she could sometimes go back to the beginning.

“I do long for the days of Season 1, when nobody knew what we were, and nobody had expectations,” Rae told the Television Critics Association.

The show received much feedback, both positive and negative. In fact, at one point, the show’s creator and director had to respond to outrage over the use of condoms, or lack thereof, on the show.

“I think that’s what alarmed me, if it’s taking you out of the story, I don’t want that. So let’s make sure that our viewers stay engaged,” she said. “The instant feedback can be daunting, but it’s part of the culture that we’re in currently, and all you can do is continue to create and stay true to your story.”

Despite the overwhelming response, the actress, writer, and director is still shocked by the success of the show.

“We talk about it all the time, it doesn’t feel like four years,” she said. “I remember we were excited to cast these people. I remember when I was like, ‘HBO, you going to greenlight this or do I have to go back to Koreatown and my job?’ It’s humbling and exciting that people are so invested in the series.”

The fourth season of Insecure will be returning to HBO on April 12.

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