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Issa Rae Says She’s ‘Definitely Ready’ To Let ‘Insecure’ Go

Issa Rae says she is ready for the beloved HBO series “Insecure” to end.

Rae is moving on to bigger and better things, and a part of that includes moving on from the things she loves. For Rae, 36, this means her hit show “Insecure.” On Wednesday, Rae shared with Today’s Shenielle Jones that she is happy about “Insecure” and its success.

“I was complaining a lot about, like, what I wasn’t seeing on TV. And, you know, this was creating a character and a world to be like, if I can do it, and I know mainstream TV can do it,” Rae explained. “And so I was even surprised after the first episode, then I was like, ‘Oh God, I gotta write more and catch up.'”

“Insecure” is an award-winning show that has greatly impacted the nation, particularly the Black community. And while the show is so beloved, Rae says she knows when it’s time to cut ties. “I’m definitely ready to let it go,” she said of the show. “I knew that I wanted to end it after five seasons. And I feel like I’m really proud of this season that we’re shooting now. It’s so much fun, and it’s made me appreciate the show in a different way.”

Nonetheless, Rae is trailblazing in so many other areas – including music, with her music company Raedio. She’s also part-owner of the coffee shop Hilltop Coffee + Kitchen and the hair care brand Sienna Naturals. On top of that, Rae just signed on for a multimillion-dollar film and TV deal with WarnerMedia.

Rae says her success comes from being able to work with others who are like her. “I think part of my journey has been acceptance,” she explains. “Yes, I’m this socially uncomfortable, awkward person. And I’m gonna just put it in my work and it’s really comforting to know that there’s so many other people out here like that,” she said.” I think I’ve just kind of found my community by accepting it, too.”


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