Baller Alert Exclusive: Issa Rae Shoots Down Rumors of Hour-Long “Insecure” Episodes and More

On February 14th, Valentine’s Day, Issa Rae is set to star in Stella Meghie’s romance/drama, ”The Photograph,” alongside Lakieth Stanfield.

Ahead of the film’s release, Issa Rae, creator and star of “Insecure,” opened up about the film, her fan-favorite television show, and shot down rumors of longer episodes.

“Stella Meghie, Shout out to her for including me in this project,” Rae said of the film’s director. “But I feel honored to be apart of it because it’s beautiful.”

“It stands on the shoulders of movies like “Love Jones” and “Love and Basketball,” Rae said, adding, “It just aspires to be its own thing. And I think she’s done a beautiful job in setting up a world and setting up an aspirational love story.”

As the interview continued, Rae set the record straight about her HBO show, and according to the show’s creator, hour-long episodes are not happening.

“It is a half-hour comedy; it is in the title,” Rae said. “I appreciate the enthusiasm of people wanting it to be an hour, that is a high compliment. But that won’t happen.”

Elsewhere, Rae also dished on special Valentine’s Day moments, in which she revealed she loves surprises and opened up about her dedication to pushing the culture forward.

“I’m just continuing to try to elevate other voices,” she said, in addition to investing in her communities and more. “I think in investing in the next generation of talent, in the current generation of talent and using my platform to grant them opportunities, is a huge part of what keeps me going too.”

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