Issa Rae Spills The Tea On Her Admiration For Drake And How Her Experience As A Lyft Driver Made It To “Insecure” Season 3

There’s nothing wrong with getting a side job when you’re in need of extra cash. #IssaRae says even she leaned on #Lyft when she was trying to make some extra cash.

In the new season of “Insecure,” we get to see Rae’s character, Issa, behind the wheel as a Lyft driver. Like a lot of TV writing, these stories come from real-life experiences. During an interview with Page Six, Rae opened about her how her attempt at being a Lyft driver made it to the storyline of season 3.

“I did the application, went to go get my stickers and (stuff) but then got denied because I had one traffic infraction in 2014 … so I didn’t get to do it. I told the writers’ room … (and) they were so tickled at the idea that I would be a Lyft driver,” she said. “In thinking about just the rideshare phenomenon and how so many regular people are using it to make extra money, just the stories that come from that, it just made sense for Issa to have that as a side gig and all the awkward situations that could arise from being a Lyft driver.”

Rae also mentioned how being in Drake’s “Nice For What” music video was a “dream come true.” Even though Drake wasn’t there while she was on set, she said she became good friends with Karena Evans who had previously done Drake’s “In My Feelings” and “God’s Plan.” “We are really in a renaissance of black women getting opportunities and shouts to (Drake) for recognizing (her) ’cause she’s elevated his videos. Let’s be real.”

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