It Pays To Be A Doormat

What’s one thing most men say they want out of a woman? They want her submissive. Well, submissive and quiet — but mainly submissive. Now, look at the history of women who are in serious relationships with Ballers? Most of these women are members of the “Get Your Ass Cheated On And Stay Quiet About It” Club and you know what? It works for them. The quieter you keep, the more rewards you reap. Don’t believe me? Ask Vanessa Bryant. 

Let’s be honest, you have Vanessa Bryant, Kim Porter, and countless other women who watch their famous men get approached by groupies daily. In public, they never complain. In fact, they act as if it’s not happening. For that they are awarded with their all expense paid lavish lifestyle. The complaining woman however, get’s replaced and left trying to collect back child support. Sure, they don’t have to deal with being disrespected but they’re not living it up like they used to either. It’s a catch 22.

When you’re in a relationship, a real relationship, with a Baller you have to be aware of the lifestyle that you’re getting yourself into. It is then that you decide what stance you’ll take on infidelity. Are you dominant or are you a doormat? The dominant woman is likely to maintain her respect but maybe not the man. The doormat maintains the man but likely not the respect. Are you the type that says it’s okay to cheat as long as he doesn’t bring it to you or are you the type who feels that cheating is totally out of the question? Discover the woman you are, because you can’t play both sides of the fence.

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