Italian Officials To Hold An Emergency Meeting This Week Over Rising Pasta Prices

Italian Officials To Hold An Emergency Meeting This Week Over Rising Pasta Prices

There is a pasta crisis looming in Italy, and officials are scrambling to get a handle on the soaring prices of the adored noodles.

On Thursday, May 11th, a crisis meeting requested by Italy’s Minister of Economic Development, Adolfo Urso, will take place to address the debacle. Urso has confirmed that the cost of various pasta types, including spaghetti, has seen a surge in price. The cost has soared 17.5% compared to this time last spring. Like nearly every other food product in the world, it is a direct result of inflation. With an annual average consumption of 51 pounds, Italians are the world’s largest pasta consumers, which is why intervention is necessary.

The situation was brought to light when Italy’s Ministry of Enterprises was hit with a complaint from consumer group Assoutenti. They concluded that families were spending an additional $27.60 this year on pasta due to skyrocketing costs. Now, action is being taken to combat this epidemic. In a statement ahead of the meeting, Minister of Agriculture Francesco Lollobrigida says the goal is to “strengthen the dialogue between the players in the supply chain and for the formation of a shared price nationwide.”

Separate agriculture group Coldiretti says the increase in pasta is an “anomaly that needs clarification.” Another key factor that needs addressing is why wheat durum, which is used to make pasta, has seen a 30% decrease while the noodles themselves have increased.

As with every region of the world, it’s not just pasta seeing a spike in costs. Italian inflation measured at 8.8% in April. In addition, the country is also battling an energy crisis. An increase in energy costs has also left the country struggling.

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