It’s Obvious You Ain’t Never Had Ish…


When you take someone out of the hood and give them a little money their attitude begins to change. We all know someone like this and this is when we say “It’s clear you ain’t never had sh-t”. 

People who’ve never had anything are easily impressed by the simple things in life. They tend to brag over these simple pleasures as well. We on the outside don’t quite get it because to us, these moves are minor. You see, we’re a little more used to having and doing sh-t. We don’t feel the need to spend our money frivolously because we understand ways to invest and double that money. We don’t have to talk about traveling to exotic islands because, well, we do that all the time.  I don’t tell you every time I go to the bathroom do I?


They’ll be the first ones to talk down on you because you’re not making the moves they’re making, no matter how minor. They assume that just because they aren’t used to it no one else is used to it either. Those who have never had anything in life end up being very annoying. They are easy to spot if you just pay attention. Everything is about how great their life is and how if you’re not doing what they’re doing you’re not living. They will be the first ones to spend their last to uphold an image they they probably can’t afford to uphold. Living beyond their means is something that people who ain’t never had sh-t do.


It would be incorrect to call this person “New Money” because they don’t have nearly as much money as they’d like you  to believe. They work regular 9 to 5 jobs and just happen to be making a few dollars more per hour than they were making this time last year. It’s not like they came up on some large lump sum of money.They’re an average Joe like you and I, they just find ways to make themselves feel better by making you feel like trash. 


Well here’s to you Mr & Mrs “Ain’t Never Had Sh-t”. I hope you enjoy all the things you can experience now that you never got to experience before. Too bad you’re too late, we already did that.

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