J. Cole Seemingly Responds to NBA YoungBoy's Diss
J. Cole and NBA Youngboy (Getty)

J.Cole’s Manager Denies That He Dissed NBA Youngboy On His “The Secret Recipe” Track

J. Cole’s manager has come forward to support the Dreamville rapper, refuting allegations circulating on social media that Cole dissed NBA YoungBoy.

Recently, fans made speculations that Cole took a subtle shot at YoungBoy. However, Ibrahim “IB” Hamad replied to SayCheeseTV’s promotion of these claims, clarifying that such was not the case.

“I’m pretty sure this is [cap]. Not sure how y’all heard that cole verse and put that together, impressive,” IB wrote.

In response, a fan quoted lyrics from Cole’s track “The Secret Recipe” and drew comparisons to YoungBoy’s “Fuck The Industry Pt. 2,” where he fired shots at Cole and others.

“Youngboy name dropped Cole saying he was going to do a feature, then Cole says people making threats and facetiming for features. This really not directed at Yb,” the fan said.

The tension between Cole and YoungBoy originated in 2021 when Cole reportedly waited for eight hours in the studio for the Baton Rogue rapper, only for him to ultimately not show up for their pre-arranged session. Shortly after, YoungBoy responded by criticizing Cole for initially expressing interest in a collaboration but later causing their relationship to turn sour.

J a ho, that n*gga played it cold, like he was gon’ do a feature/So I texted his line, a muscle sign, I swear it’s gon’ be nice to meet you,” YoungBoy raps.

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